Spacious mouthfeel

Spacious mouthfeel

And Anti Matter
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Spacious mouthfeel

Edition of 25
Signed and numbered by creative studio And Anti Matter.


  • Obscure mirroring - 90cm x 90cm
  • Anti Gravity  - 90cm x 180cm
  • Spacious mouthfeel - 180cm x 220cm

AND ANTI MATTER (&AM) is a creative studio founded by lovers and collaborators Þórey Björk Halldórsdóttir & Baldur Björnsson in the winter of 2016.


&AM explores the space/fields between design and art through objects and experiences. They believe that places and people need more aesthetic usability and functional strangeness in their existence. They work on a project basis and therefore tap into all catagories of design and art.

The founding lovers of &AM create their work by uniting their experiences and training in new forms. Þórey Björk is a fashion designer by training but has also worked in event management, creative direction and as a stylist, she has also been involved in company management. Baldur is a visual artist and electronic musician, he has worked as a graphic designer and parking attendant as well as releasing books and music.

&AM is headquartered in the westernmost part of Reykjavík with an online division and shop at, reachable via email at and by phone at +354 662 4864 or +354 616 7921


Our vinylrugs are made from 100% recyclable vinyl material from Germany and printed with eco-friendly UV ink. Extremely practical and versatile, our vinyl rugs can be used in every space; kitchen, office, bathroom, children´s room, on the balcony or as a wallcarpet.
They are anti-slip, hypo-allergenic, hygienic and easy to clean.

Every rug comes in limited edition and is signed and numbered.

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